Welcome to the Michigan Outback Relay!

2020 Michigan Outback Relay – Virtual

Thanks to those that participated in the 2020 Michigan Outback Virtual Relay! We had a great weekend and made the most of the situation this year. Hopefully that was the first and last time we have a virtual event. Check out photos on our Facebook page from the teams that competed. We will be announcing dates for the 2021 event soon. Thanks for checking in, and if you are new to relay, feel free to reach out with any questions about this unique event!

Alright, so are you ready to sweat, run, and have some fun?

Getting up before the crack of dawn, driving to the start and checking in for the run of the day couldn’t be any more exciting when it involves running along the Ausable River or lake Avery as the sun comes up.

The Michigan Outback Relay is a three-day summer weekend featuring the country’s longest and most challenging relay race run through the scenic upper half of Michigan’s lower peninsula. Great people, great runs, and great times to party after your last run of the day…

The Course

Are you up to the challenge? Three days of running over hills, through sand, mud, and water. There is a trek through the swamp and even a river crossing.

You will experience the beauty of the northern half of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula like you never have before – up close and personal. The course will take runners through state and national forests, over remote trails and roads, through sandy ruts, and of course over a few hills! All roads are runnable but not always driveable.

Michigan Outback Relay 2020

NOTE: This was the original plan for the 2020 course before the live event was cancelled.

For 2020, we will be going back to a course we haven’t used for a while using the sandy horse trails of the Shore to Shore trail.  We will start in Oscoda and end in McKinley for Day 1, keep going on the Shore to Shore trail to Grayling on Day 2, and use last year’s Day 3 (with the new start) heading for our finish in Empire for Day 3.


Each team consists of up to 10 runners

The Course

Are you up for the challenge?


Open and mixed divisions


What's new with the relay?

The race is run with the help of our friends at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the United State Forest Service.