The Race

About a month before the race, the team captain will receive the directions via email. The document will include directions for both runners and vehicles. The captain will need to talk with their team to decide who will run each leg. The directions indicate level of difficulty and a description so that each runner has an idea of what to expect. You will also need to figure out driving logistics as some legs only permit one vehicle per team at an exchange. Each team is permitted to have 3 vehicles.

This race is a test of the mind, body, and spirit. Much of the success of a team is dependent upon being able to figure out a plan for each day. Runners need to follow directions carefully to avoid missing turns and running off the course. Pun completely intended, but you always need to be two steps ahead to get through each day successfully! This race has grown to become a giant family of the running community. Most teams that run have been doing so for many years, if not decades. While we have many returning teams, there is limited availability for new teams to join us. Let us know if you have any questions about the race before you decide to register!