To our GLR-Michigan Outback Relay family,

After much consideration, hoping, and waiting for guidance, we have made the decision to cancel the GLR-Michigan Outback Relay this year.  Your safety and the safety of the communities we travel through are of utmost concern to us and we weren’t confident we could ensure that.

Rest assured that we are in the planning stages right now for 2021.  We look forward to the day we can see you all up north. 

To have a little fun in this stressful time, we are working on a virtual GLR-MOR (there will be no fee to participate).  Look for details soon but it will include putting together your team, sending us your rosters and running legs on your own.  In the planning stages for this year we did have mugs and steins made.  We’ll offer those for sale so you can keep your collection complete.  This will be remembered as the Covid 19 GLR-MOR!  Keep watching for updates on our website ( and on Facebook.

Stay well and we will talk with you soon,

Nick, Bob, Matt and Eric

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